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protecting home and assets

As families get older, a common concern for parents is the number of obstacles that could prevent their home and assets from passing to the next generation
Protecting Assets

A fear shared by many of my clients is that if they pass away, their estate would be highly vulnerable.

Why is that, John?

Well, there are three main reasons:

  1. If the survivor remarries, their current will is effectively cancelled. Should they die without making a new will, the new spouse will be entitled to most, if not all of the estate.

  2. The survivor may become totally infatuated with the new spouse and re-write the will to leave everything to him or her.

  3. If the survivor entered long term care, they, like thousands of others every year, will have to sell their home to fund their care.

    When you need long-term care, the local authority assesses the value of your estate. If the total exceeds a certain figure, you are responsible for paying for your care. If, however, it is under that figure, the local authority must pick up the bill.


So John, why should I choose you to help me?

I am an expert in protecting people’s homes and the many other assets they own. I am privileged to be a trusted advisor for Age UK in Worcester and Malvern and run monthly free advice clinics. All of my fees are fixed and agreed in advance so there are no hidden fees or hourly rates to worry about.

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