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Ensuring your will is executed professionally will reduce stress on the family and could save money


Will Executors Worcester



If a person dies with a valid will in place, they will have named one or more people, known as executors, to administer the probate process on their estate. Sometimes the process is straightforward and can be carried out by non-professionals. There are many situations however, where a professional is more suited to carry out the probate process including when the: 

  • executor(s) simply doesn’t have time to do the work

  • executor(s) is too emotional or doesn’t feel up to it at the time

  • estate needs to Inheritance Tax

  • will has created one or more trusts

Most banks and solicitors charge anywhere between 3-8% of the estate (regardless of how much work is involved) plus hourly fees meaning the total bill can spiral out of control. If a bank has prepared your will for you (usually free of charge) there is a good chance you will have appointed them as professional executors. This unfortunately means that they can charge whatever they like to administer your estate when you die. If a bank has prepared your will please contact me and I will clarify your situation.

Working with a team of experienced specialists, I carry out the whole probate process from start to finish. Let me remove the strain from you at such a difficult time.

I will give an upfront, guaranteed quote prepared during a home visit and will leave you in peace to decide whether you wish to use my services.


Will Executors Worcester

So John, why should I choose you to help me?

I know my stuff; I have over nine years’ experience studying and working within the legal sphere. I work with a team of probate experts but you will only have to deal with me. All of my fees are fixed and agreed in advance so there are no hidden fees or hourly rates to worry about.

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