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lasting powers of attorney

Legally, if you lose mental capacity, your family will be powerless to look after you and your affairs
How to arrange Lasting Powers of Attorney Worcestershire




Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) enable you to legally empower people you trust, to manage your affairs at times when you are unable to do so, or simply don’t feel up to it.

Usually when a person has lost mental capacity, relatives who are simply trying to help, will find themselves shut out by many institutions including banks, pension providers and utility companies.

A husband or wife can even find themselves locked out of a joint account, if their spouse has lost capacity!

The solution is to make LPAs whilst you are fit and healthy, or at least whilst you are still able to understand what they are and can consent to creating them. There are two types of LPA which cover different areas of your affairs:

Property & Financial Affairs

This power covers all affairs concerning your property(ies) and your finances. This can be set up to take effect immediately or only when physical/mental capacity is lost.


Health & Welfare

This power can only take effect if mental capacity has been lost. It allows you to empower your attorneys to make decisions for vital subjects such as life-sustaining treatment. It also allows for less critical situations such as making decisions about diet, what to wear etc.


How to arrange Lasting Powers of Attorney Worcestershire

What happens to me without an LPA, John?

If you lose mental capacity and have NOT made an LPA, the only option for your relatives is to apply to the Court of Protection. This is a costly, time consuming and fairly unpleasant procedure.
So to prevent this from happening let me help you choose a LPA that will be perfect for your circumstances.


So John, why should I choose you to help me?

I know my stuff; I have over nine years’ experience studying and working within the legal sphere. I am privileged to be a trusted advisor for Age UK in Worcester and Malvern and run monthly free advice clinics. All of my fees are fixed and agreed in advance so there are no hidden fees or hourly rates to worry about.

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