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Will Writing

Make sure your most treasured possessions pass to your chosen family and friends – most importantly, who will look after your children when you're gone?


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Why bother making a will?

Without a will, your money, property and possessions will pass in accordance with strict legal rules which may not reflect your wishes. A will can ensure that you provide properly for those that you leave behind. Without a will the administration of your estate will be more time consuming and stressful for your loved ones who will have to tidy up the mess left behind.

Wills are crucial in the following situations:

  • Remarriages – if there is a will already in existence, it will become invalid upon the new marriage.

  • Children – by making a will you can assign legal guardianship to those you consider worthy of raising your child/children.

  • Unmarried partners or those with other dependants: without a will they may be left in a financially vulnerable position on your death.

  • Inheritance tax planning: a will helps ensure you minimise your liability.

Do you have children?

I have a young family so I truly appreciate how important it is to make provisions for your children. If you have children, it is absolutely crucial to write a will stating who you want to become their guardians in the event of your death. Have you considered whether your guardian/s will have the space and the financial capability to do this? It is highly recommended that along with a will, you take out life protection which will leave enough money to ensure your kids have a comfortable upbringing. This is something I can arrange through my expert colleagues.

So John, why should I choose you to help me?

I know my stuff; I have over nine years' experience studying and working within the legal sphere. I am privileged to be a trusted advisor for Age UK in Worcester and Malvern and run monthly free advice clinics. All of my fees are fixed and agreed in advance so there are no hidden fees or hourly rates to worry about.

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